6 Advantages of Installing a Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is a great addition to any property, whether it’s a residential or commercial space. Not only does it add an extra layer of security to your property, but it also provides a sense of privacy and seclusion. In this blog post, we will be discussing the many advantages of installing a privacy […]

How to Repair a Broken Fence

Fences are an important aspect of any property, not only for security and privacy but also for aesthetic appeal. However, fences can become damaged over time due to various factors such as extreme weather conditions, vandalism or general wear and tear. When a fence becomes damaged, it can be a daunting task to repair it, […]

Learn How to Maintain Your Slat Fence

Maintaining a slat fence is an important part of keeping your property looking its best. Slat fences provide both a decorative and functional addition to any outdoor space while also providing safety and privacy. Without proper maintenance, these fences can start to look worn and dirty over time. At Mandurah Fencing Solutions, customers can rest […]

6 Reasons To Choose Slat Fencing for your Property

Having a fence on your property can provide you with a number of benefits. It can add a sense of security, privacy and a feeling of exclusivity to your home. It can also provide a barrier to keep children and pets safe, as well as prevent intruders from entering. At Mandurah Fencing Solutions, we offer […]

10 Reasons to Choose Colorbond Fencing for Your Home

Are you thinking about installing a new fence for your home? There are many options to choose from, but one that stands out is Colorbond fencing. Here are 10 reasons to consider it for your home: 1. Durability Colorbond fencing is made from steel, which is known for its strength and durability. It can withstand […]

Timber Fencing: Pros and Cons Compared to Other Materials

When it comes to choosing a fencing material for your home or business, you have a range of options to consider. While timber fencing is a popular choice, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons before making a decision. In this article, we’ll compare timber fencing with other common materials to help you […]

6 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Slat Fencing

Slat fencing is a popular choice for homeowners who want to enhance the security, privacy and aesthetic of their homes. It also comes in many different styles and materials, allowing you to choose a fence that best suits your needs and preferences. Slat fencing has become increasingly popular due to its ease of installation, cost-effectiveness […]

8 Ways to Maintain your Colorbond Fence

Colorbond fencing is a popular choice for many homeowners due to its durability and low-maintenance requirements. Colorbond fences are made from high-quality steel coated in a protective layer of polyester powder. This protective layer is what gives Colorbond fencing its blue-green colour. They are also made from sustainable materials that are recyclable and fire-resistant and […]

Aluminium Fencing Maintenance Tips

Aluminium fencing is a popular option for those who want to secure their homes and gardens with an attractive, long-lasting solution. It’s both lightweight and durable – perfect for protecting your property from intruders. With aluminium fencing, you can rest assured that your outdoor area will remain safe, and secure and look great for many […]


Aluminium fencing is a popular fencing material for many homeowners. It is durable, low maintenance, and comes in a variety of styles to choose from. Here are some aluminium fencing options for your home: 1. Wrought iron-style aluminium fence: This type of aluminium fence resembles wrought iron but is much lighter and easier to install. […]